Teresa Harcourt DO, MSc

About Teresa

I trained for 4 years at the European School of Osteopathy (ESO) graduating in 1989. I chose the ESO because it offered a wide variety of treatment approaches and outlooks. There were lecturers from France, Italy, and America as well as from a diverse base of expertise in the UK.

I later took an MSc programme in Osteopathy at Greenwich University graduating in 2001. My research topic was Osteopathic Treatment in Chronic Sinusitis.

I practiced as an associate for two years in Norfolk and London before taking a post in New Zealand for two years. It was interesting to visit practices in Australia and New Zealand and to take part in CPD ( continuing professional development) there.

On my return to the UK I took a post in Yorkshire for 18 months before moving to North Wales where I set up a clinic in Conwy. There I remained for 21 years, enjoying the company of associates who came to join me on the edges of Snowdonia National Park.

Eventually the call of home was too loud to ignore and I came back to West Cornwall with my husband Julian, setting up practice in Carbis Bay in March 2019.


Teresa Harcourt MSc, Osteopath in St Ives